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With others, even the door was bricked up. There was a tiny window left through which the anchoress would hear the prayers of others. But she always had to be screened from view, as to be seen was considered a sin. An anchoress could be enclosed for twenty years and there are records of fifty years of enclosure. And every day, these girls and woman spent hours in prayer, devotion and physical deprivation for the sake of the souls of others. Erin Comments: This really renders me speechless…this life of an anchoress.

The thought of even surviving that way without going mad….

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A: It would have to be my hero, Sir Benedict Palmer. In earlier drafts, he was already an established knight and rescued Theodosia because he was a noble, committed knight. That was too dull. By making him a knight-for-hire, with flawed motives, he became much more interesting. Do you form an outline or write at will? Do you set writing goals?

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A: Outline every time. My first novel was a write-at-will and it shows. It will never see the light of day but I learned a lot about plotting because of it. A: Two years. How did you make the time for such as accomplishment as writing a novel? What tips do you have for other authors who need motivation? A: I gave up sleep in I love to write so I try and make time where I can. Having good critique partners can be a huge help. Lay down one word after another. Erin Comments: Yes, sleep is fleeting sometimes! I think we should add 8 hours to each day…that might work, right?

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And I have the nifty Query Tracker website for that. A: Self-publishing is a revolution that is still happening.

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No-one has the benefit of hindsight to say how it will all pan out. For me the most important thing is this: writers must make sure their work is the best it can be before taking it to any market. Readers deserve that because we ask them for their time and money. Erin Comments: I agree. I sometimes wonder if some writers even edit their work.

What are some of your favorite books, movies, or the like? A: I love Robert Harris. For anyone who has not read his novel of 79 AD and the eruption at Pompeii, give yourself a huge treat. I love C. And I love thrillers surprise, surprise! Tess Gerritsen is my all-time favourite. I love Michael Connelly too. Speaking of which, I ought to sue him for seeing Jaws when I was ten. I only ever go into the ocean now if I think someone more edible-looking than me is already splashing around. Who would you want to write about in the future? A: Emmeline Pankhurst, founder of the Suffragette movement.

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Erin Comments: I am total agreement with you pursuing that book s. Emmeline to British women is like Susan B. Anthony in America. I am hoping more authors take on writing about them. They were amazing trailblazers. And Rosa, yes…. As we still fight the fight against racism today, she is always an example to look toward, remember that many small acts can combine into one large moment of change. Why or why not? I get described as British, which gets a particular set of hackles rising!

When I did my launch for The Fifth Knight, I was presented with a very unexpected and moving link to my past. You can read about it here.

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  • Erin Comments: Very interesting! Another example of someone standing up for what they believe in. Definitely always good to keep the notion of possibility open…. What do you like best about it and are there plans to pen a novel with that theme? There seems to be few books but lots of interested readers. A: I love the art, the distinctive colours of illuminated manuscripts.

    The architecture is wonderful- stone castles of that era are just amazing. I grew up in Ireland when the control and influence of the Catholic church was still incredibly powerful. I was born in a hospital run by nuns, I was educated in a convent school.

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    May 16, Linda rated it liked it Shelves: malice-domestic , This historical thriller revolves around the assassination of Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket and adds a fifth knight to the known four who were involved. None of these knights are the honorable ones who usually save damsels in distress.

    They are portrayed more as mercenaries though they try to rationalize their brutality by saying they are carrying out orders issued by King Henry II. Powell does a masterful job of combining historical facts and personages with the story of her fict This historical thriller revolves around the assassination of Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket and adds a fifth knight to the known four who were involved. Powell does a masterful job of combining historical facts and personages with the story of her fictional knight and two nuns who are the cause of the action.

    I turned the pages as fast as I could as the tension built during the relentless pursuit to find and capture the two women. The young anchoress Theodosia witnesses Becket's murder and is kidnapped, dragged to one of the knight's castle and imprisoned. Before she can be tortured to reveal the location of Sister Amelie, the fifth knight, Benedict Palmer, decides to rescue her and flee. Their escape is not smooth and they must overcome one horrific obstacle after another. Who are these two nuns, what is their connection and what is the secret that has cost lives to be lost?

    What causes Benedict's change of heart which places him in peril? I suggest you read The Fifth Knight to find the answers. Apr 17, Melinda rated it really liked it. As I have a degree in Medieval English History, this book was right up my alley. The murder of Thomas Becket is one of those moments upon which history hinges and a story set in its context was incredibly appealing to me. Powell has done a good job streamlining this novel--a lot happen in it and she doesn't leave any loose ends, and she throws in an unexpected plot twist as the book hurdles to its conclusion.

    Palmer and Theodosia are two very well-drawn characters. Not only are they multi-facete As I have a degree in Medieval English History, this book was right up my alley.

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    Not only are they multi-faceted, but they also evolve as the story goes along. My only criticism of this book is based solely on my preferences. This is a very plot-driven book, full of action. Unfortunately, I'm more of a fan of a character-driven books. This book was a page turner, but it wore me out a bit. To be fair, it wasn't the book, it was me. I will say, though, that as I read this I kept thinking that this would make an excellent movie--the powers that be in Hollywood should pick up a copy of this book! All in all, I found this a satisfying read and would recommend it, especially to those who like their books with plenty of action. Apr 17, Stephanie added it. This story is definitely what I call a suspenseful thriller.