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We being my wife, myself, my father, my father-in-law flew in to kind of support me and help. So, imagine if you were diagnosed with cancer and they say this is a very rare, very aggressive form of cancer, one of the most rare in adults. It wreaks havoc on your body and the cancer. Our hope is that it kills the cancer before it kills you. That does not sound like the best strategy to me. This week your lung is failing, your heart is on the verge of failing and your kidneys are on the verge of failing.

Well, can I have 24 hours or 12 hours or something to go talk to my family and kind of figure this out? Google and consulted Dr. Google and when we consulted Dr. So, most people die from ALL. And so, when I did a little bit of research and consulted Dr. So, as much as it pained me, my hand was kind of forced and I went in for leukemia the next day and they hook me up.

At that time, they were seven and four. The way that I look at statistics and actually I want to share this. I just recently listened to Brian Johnson.

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So, Brian is a great friend. So, he just released this video which I encouraged everyone. The protocol. One of the best is this. And Brian is on a mission. His older brother now has cancer. Brian is on a mission to help his brother solve or beat or cure, heal from the cancer and do it in this positive, proactive, healthy way as possible and, Brian, he is the founder of PhilosophersNotes, the founder of Optimize. What if I die? I was not consumed with fear.

So, think about that, right? There is no other option.

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Now fear, right, what does that do? It releases cortisol throughout your brain and your body which is a stress response, and which causes all sorts of physical ailments, all sorts of it makes your body very acidic. So, knowing that, I decided like fear is not going to be part of this journey for me like the cancer journey. You give yourself five minutes to feel the pain even feel the fear. Five minutes of fear is okay.

Five months of fear will kill you. Five years or five decades of fear will kill you.

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I have no idea. But where was I going with that?

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  7. Brain damage from my car accident plus chemo brain equals a really tough time remembering stuff. I promise you that. You can ask my family too. My wife will tell you. But anyway, so statistics are information, not condemnation.

    Beating cancer: Wisdom from a five-time cancer survivor

    They live in fear. Anticancer was one of them. Great book. Anticancer, highly recommend it but I read a lot of books on beating cancer naturally. Two reasons. Number one was my mindset, that I was focused on what I wanted. I was focused on the positive. I was focused on I was visualizing myself living to be years. I was using affirmations every day. I was dwelling on not my fear but on my faith, faith in what was possible for my future, faith and the healing, faith in living a long, healthy, prosperous abundant life. That faith.

    I traded in the fear for the faith. So, the first thing was the mindset. I simply combine the best that allopathic medicine has to offer, allopathic or also known commonly known as Western medicine. I combined the best that allopathic Western medicine have to offer which means doing what my doctor told me to do, one of the best oncologists in the world for leukemia, trusting him and doing what he told me to do.

    Harnessing Nature to Beat Cancer

    I combine that with the best that holistic practices have to offer. What part does me detoxifying my liver since chemo a lot of people died, when they die from chemo they often die from chemo toxicity which is the chemo building up in various organs like your liver that filter out toxins, your kidneys as well and I ask what part, what are the best strategies to detoxify my kidneys in my liver because obviously, the chemo is going to be building up in those areas.

    Think about that. I have also heard that oncologists are the only doctor that get a commission for the drugs that they sell. Thank you for that. I think different opinions on what Ph.

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    Sugar feeds cancer. That is unequivocally factual. I think the research is proven. This is his knowledge. This is the training that he has. I have unwavering trust in my doctor that he is doing the best that he can and doing the best with what he knows. I took a two-pronged approach.

    Now, does it always work? Steve Jobs tried that and he died. He died.

    Launching the new report

    He had pancreatic cancer and now it said and that scared me a lot too. You can look up Steve Jobs. So, the point of it is this. If you go to a traditional oncologist, typically my experience and I talked to many, many oncologists, probably many, many being at least probably three or four so not many, many. Let me back up. The many, many being I talked to my initial oncologist. I talked to an oncologist so that was at MD Anderson. I met with many oncologists at MD Anderson. So, I talked to many oncologists there.

    So, do you think I should just trust you unequivocally without thinking for myself? So, for me, what was I doing? Well, I was doing coffee enemas. Now, coffee enemas are controversial. You have to forgive me. I learn all the details and then I make a decision at that moment. So, I want you to understand that. Again, brain damage from a car accident is a bitch. Brain damage from chemo brain as they call it is just icing on the cake. Let me give you some resources. First resource I already gave you. I found it on Facebook. The resource that I leveraged through my journey was ChrisBeatCancer. He is someone that cured himself of cancer naturally.

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    All they know is chemo. What about them? I combined the best of holistic and the best of allopathic medicine. And he decided that he was brave and he went for it. So, for me, I felt my hand was kind of forced. I forgot to close that loop as well.