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Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information Defeating troubles that you appear to be going through will first be changed spiritually that connects to your mental state, which transforms your emotions that electrifies your physical being now empowerment is birthed and you can surely do you.

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Therefore, my best piece of advice to other women is to invest some time and energy into finding what brings you fulfillment and realization, what makes you feel You and what makes you shine.

Empowering Lives

It is an essence of life and food for soul. After all, there is nothing more beautiful and more powerful than self-confident and fulfilled women. She's on a mission to inspire one million girls to be their own change agents within themselves and for their communities. She's a Somali-Australian artist and storyteller who has anything but an easy past.

She's Mariam Issa, and is a true and pure embodiment of leading an empowered life. Head to our website to hear what she has to say on empowerment. The skill of self L. I use love as an acronym here because for me it means to Listen deeply, Observe with no judgment, Validate the Ego, Emotion and Experience. When I learned to practice L. This war was coming from my Ego and it demanded attention and validation from me which I was not fully present for. So by just using this tool I learnt the language of the ego, the most powerful storyteller in my life, and what came after having conversations with the ego was transformational, instead of the default blame I would hold towards my ego, I became compassionate towards it and realized that by the simple act of Listening deeply, Observing with no judgment and Validating my Ego, both my emotions and experiences shifted.

This now ties to the question in leading an empowered life — I know my truth through this process, I owned it good or bad , then I stopped lying to myself and blaming outside circumstances. To a community and leaders of that have been so generous to us, it would have been criminal not to feature Jade and Alanna, founders of Femeconomy. These ladies are the movers and shakers of equality, as their directory only supports brands with women on the board or as owners. The additional bonus is that we got two features in one!

Head to our website to read what they had to say on empowerment. Consciously understanding that you have the freedom to choose what you do every day, and that you have the ability at any moment to change your current choices, and the world around you. Being able to make choices about the work I want to do, the places I want to live or travel and helping my friends and family be empowered to make their own choices without judgement from others.

The Empowering Questions You Should Ask Yourself During Tough Times - SuperSoul Sunday - OWN

Globally, others are not able to lead an empowered life because of society's systems and structures that surround them, taking away their ability to freely make choices. To me, leading an empowered life also means changing systems and structures so that more people have the ability to be and feel empowered. Jade: Self awareness, empathy, gratitude, curosity. Having a skillset or profession that you are consistently developing. Being attuned to the innate human capability and resourcefulness that each of us has, and comprehending and appreciating the unique strengths of others.

I think there are skills you need to be empowered such as resilience and an appetite for risk, but there are different skills needed to empower others like active listening, empathy and being a connector. Jade:Time is wealth. Spend your time on the people, activities and causes that make your heart sing.

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Provide a warm introduction for someone in your network. Women are busy - at work, at home and at play. Time is such a precious commodity and it is the one I hold most dear because we never know how much of it we have. What might be a two minute email for you, saves them several hours of networking, researching and follow-ups. Director, founder, boss, AND a badass solopreneur.. It's Emma Lewis, from Canvast.

Canvast is the brainchild of Emma, and like us, she is dedicated to enriching the lives of women one planner at a time. Here's what she had to say on empowerment;. For me, living an empowered life means chasing after what sets your soul on fire, all the while accepting that you're flawed, that some days don't go as planned or you use dry shampoo for two weeks straight - BUT, you keep on going regardless!

Feeling empowered to me also means not NEEDING anyones validation or acceptance and knowing that you're doing something magic that only you might understand sometimes. Getting uncomfortable and doing things that I thought I might not be able to do.

Imagine that, knowing that whatever obstacle or fear inducing moment came up, theres always a voice in the back of your head assuring you, "you're going to be fine, you've been through worse than this". Don't listen to the bullshit. You know your truth and what you need to do. Only you know when to rest, and only you know when to smash a coffee, put your hair in a bun, put on some gangsta rap and get it done And if there's something you want, go out and get it. Best of all, she's created a platform that empowers you to do the exact same with your finances.

Above all, she's one of the most authentic and genuine people with a passion for what she does that we have been fortunate enough to meet. Here's what Bryanna from Fearless Female Traders had to say on empowerment;. We live in an age where we are constantly switched 'on', constantly connected, constantly engaging, the pressure to be in 'boss-mode' can sometimes feel forced or overwhelming. It's amazing how productive and yet clam you can be when you're kind to yourself! Nothing excites me more than when women support me. To this day, I have had more men support me than women in the corporate world.

So when a woman invests in me; when she spends time on my growth as a woman and a professional, I can't help but feel so empowered and privileged! It may be an hour out of their week, but it's always a moment that I feel uplifted and supported. Listen and start with empathy. Sometimes the best advice is in the words of the least expected. Listen to what's going on around you and you may just find that the piece of motivation you're missing, or the guidance you're searching for is staring right at you.

Why direct action campaigns are the best way to empower yourself and others

It doesn't always need to be filed with complexity and over used mantras, but rather in the simplicity of life itself. Oh and start with empathy, with kindness! I believe in the corporate world, they call this EQ or emotional intelligence. I just call it being a human being who respects other women, and will do my damndest to squeeze me feet into their shoes to fully understand where they're coming from and how they're feeling. We needed to feature Michelle Redfern as a thank you for the work she is doing to create an equitable future for, well, everyone! Talk about leading an empowered and purpose-fueled life!

Manual Empowered To Do Me: Encouraging others to see with a spiritual eye in being empowered

Here's what she had to say:. For me, empowered means having choices. I have worked hard, and continue to do so, in order to have choices about the way I live my life, the type of work I do and of course, my financial well being. I also work very hard, advocate and activate for all women to have choices, socially, politically, economically and of course, choice about their bodies, families, careers and leadership.

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