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Office Feng Shui: Does Your Desk Face A Window?

Instagram will ask if you want to enable Rage Shake. Once you've enabled it, just shake your phone every time an effect doesn't work. To fix this:. Only the default camera is supported. If you want to use a different camera, set it as the default camera in your system settings. If you have more than one project open at the same time, the camera will only work in one of the projects. Switch to another video source instead. If you change video source when the playback is paused, you won't see the first frame of the newly selected video source.

Instead, you'll see the last frame of the video source that was playing when you clicked pause. When Spark AR Studio moves from an external display window, e. Selecting the camera as an alternative video source will cause the video to be displayed upside down. To stop this from happening, move the Spark AR Studio window to the internal display before you disconnect the external display.

Objects will be imported in real world scale, so they might appear very large or very small, depending on the units used to make them. Change their scale using the manipulators in the toolbar, or by adjusting their values in the Inspector panel. If you've moved or deleted files from the project directory, they'll be missing from your project. Replace the assets in the project folder. If you've followed these steps and you're mirroring an effect to an iOS device, you might still see a message that says 'No Mobile Devices Found'.

This could be because you haven't installed iTunes onto your computer. Download and install iTunes ", and try again. Find inspiration, see examples, get support, and share your work with a network of creators. Manage Effects Download. Search Clear. Signing In How do I sign in or log out?

Enter the email address or phone number associated with your Facebook account.

Birds Crashing or Flying into Windows

Enter the password for your Facebook account and click Sign In. To log out: Click File.

Select Log Out. Do I have to use my Facebook account to sign in? Using your Facebook account makes it easier to: Submit your finished effect for people to see and share Receive notifications relating to the approval process. Assets and Objects How do I delete, rename, or resize something? Delete To delete something, right-click on it and select Delete from the menu.

A Face in Every Window by Han Nolan

Rename To rename something: Long-press on it and release Enter the new name Press the Return key on your keyboard Resize To resize something: Select it in the Navigator Go to the Properties section in the Inspector Edit the Size property You can also adjust objects in the Viewport directly by toggling between the Manipulator buttons in the Toolbar and moving the axis.

Can I control whether an object is visible or not after a video or photo has been captured? To do this: Select the object in the Scene tab. Go to the Inspector panel. If you want the object to be visible while the user is capturing the effect, check the box next to Preview. If you want the object to be visible in the final video or photo, check the box next to Capture. Both boxes can be checked at the same time. The Face Tracker How do I make an object track my face? To make an object track your face, you have to make it the child of a Face Tracker.

Reward Yourself

To do this: Click Insert Select Face Tracker and then click Insert Go to the Scene tab and drag the object file onto the face tracker Note: To insert objects as children of other objects directly, you can also right-click on the parent in the Scene tab, select Insert and then select the object you want to insert from the menu.

Can I add more than one Face Tracker to a scene?

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How do I hide the Viewport or the Simulator Window? How do I choose which camera AR Studio uses? What info does the AR Studio Player app store?

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    Facebook Twitter YouTube Blogs. South-facing windows receive minimal sun and should be relatively small to minimise heat loss but allow for diffused or reflected light and ventilation. Ask your designer to run a thermal simulation of your house design and optimise the amount and positioning of glazing. This will help to prevent overheating in summer and reduce heat loss in winter. Even if your home doesn't face due north, windows can be positioned to get north sun. For existing homes and hot climates, shading is an effective way of keeping homes cool in summer.

    In the north, this is typically done through the use of eaves, wide enough to keep the summer sun out of the building to avoid overheating. Overheating is typically at its worst on summer afternoons. If there is no room for external shading, you could consider putting in windows with a tint or a special coating — but remember these will reduce the heat gain in winter, just when you want it. When the sun angle is at its lowest in winter, objects to the north can cast shadows two to three times their height.

    To make the most of the sun, your home should ideally be positioned as far as possible from neighbouring buildings, terrain or vegetation that might block north sun. A north-facing section that is very narrow will give you limited ability to place living areas and bedrooms along a wide north wall. Try making the most of morning or afternoon sun in a number of rooms. On tight sites, building along the southern boundary is a good idea if your local council permits it.

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    Check the Local Councils website for council contact details. Keep in mind that objects to the north can cast a shadow of two to three times their height in the middle of winter — even at noon. Even if your site isn't ideal for catching the sun for example because it slopes down to the south , it may be possible to maximise the sun's warmth using north-facing clerestory windows, skylights or position glazing higher in the walls to catch the sun.

    Clerestory windows have the added advantage over skylights that in summer, when the noon sun is high on the sky they limit the amount of light entering and thus reduce the risk of overheating.